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 and discover your new passion; THE STAGE
Musical theatre not only improves your confidence level but you'll have fun and also to learn something new!

A wonderful artistic program! My 8 year old son is participating in the musical theatre program and after only 1 month we have seen a nice change in school. His teachers say he is more confident in class and even rushes to raise his hand.
Thank you to the entire Laval Musique team. Your care for our child does not go unnoticed.

- Janie (mom)

What a wonderful way to help your child build his level of self confidence. This program introduces younger children to musical theatre and helps teenagers develop more in-depth techniques found on Broadway; Acting, singing and dance. Your child will learn not only acquire the basics of self-expression but also voice projection and stage presence. The ideal class for our future leaders!

Experience the excitement of stepping out on stage and wowing the audience.

  • 2 x 60 minutes lessons per week

  • All class material is included in semester fees

  • costume included 

  • Bilingual class - Class participants are ready to read the script in French and sing in English

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